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QingDao YaQi Hatting co., LTD

About Us

Our company started to contact the hat industry from 1998, to now already 18 years, our production team has a wealth of experience, after a long time cooperation, running, tacit coordination can effectively solve all kinds of problems. Our company team meticulous division of labor is reasonable, for example we have professional embroidery plate, a receptionist order, staff, materials procurement, production samples. First of all, we believe that the long-term development of a company, the most important factor is the integrity of the customer when the exchange, to be honest and trustworthy. It is precisely because we have been operating in good faith, we have the basis of the present. The same quality is to test whether a company qualified standard for quality, we have been strictly controlled. For example, in the beginning to come into contact with the order, for the quality of the product, we must ensure the utmost efforts to meet customer requirements, before each batch of goods from the factory, we will conduct quality inspection on the unqualified products reach the standard for rectification. Only after the factory.

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